Mumbai (WhatsApp- 8302755688).The revoking of Section 370 in the state of Jammu & Kashmir has created quite a stir in the country, with people applauding the move. Here is what these TV actors have to say about this.

Amit Sarin : Article 370 was a temporary solution implemented by prime minister Jawahar Lal Nehru to make the transition of partition easier. 70 years passed by to change the temporary solution. I hope the government realizes the intricacies of it and ensures that revoking the article 370 will help to change the lives of Jammu and Kashmir’s people without any blood shed. Time will test the decision of modi government.

Aastha Chaudhary: I am very happy right now, it's a historical step and I just hope it doesn't create hatred in people. Kashmir has always been part of the country but now it's official. I want to give love to Kashmir and accept them as a family now. We should live like a big happy family Also, this will boost the economy and outsiders will be able to invest there and do business, which is good for the residents there. Let there be peace and no riots or violence.

Ssharad Malhotra: The revoking of article 370 is a good move. Kashmir is the most beautiful place which we have grown up watching in films. When people invest, the economy will change and there will be more employment, and I am sure tourism will also increase.

Tinaa Dattaa: Each and every person who lives out of Kashmir thinks of holidaying in Kashmir. It will be a very good place to live after retirement, who doesn't want to enjoy nature. The new move will generate new interest in Kashmir and I am sure security and safety will also increase and I wish shooting in Kashmir becomes as easy as shooting in film city.

Ira Sone: It’s a big step and a master stroke. I think the government has walked their talk and this decision, in my opinion, is going to help the unemployment and deal with violence issues in Jammu and Kashmir.

Amal Sehrawat: Everyone is addressing this step as a historic one. But honestly, for me, it will become historic or relevant the day all the bloodshed stops. The day every civilian and every army personnel is safe. Have always been praying for J&K, now will be hoping for humanity to end the pain. Mrunal Jain: Scrapping of article 370 was overdue, it is a historic move. Mr Modi and Amit Shah have taken a bold step, it proves that nothing is impossible. Kashmir has suddenly come into focus and it will lead to a better future of people living in Kashmir.

Shashank Vyas: It's a long due historic step and this day would be marked as an important day in the history of our nation, a step that was pending since decades has now officially taken place. I am happy that we are now a big family and that everyone will be treated equally. I wish and pray for peace and harmony.

Malhar Pandya: It is a very good move, it will give a different life and perspective to the people of Kashmir. There will be more growth and opportunities in Kashmir. It is the most desired tourist destination and with new developments, I am sure it will improve as well.

TV frat celebrates

TV frat celebrates

TV frat celebrates

TV frat celebrates

TV frat celebrates

TV frat celebrates

TV frat celebrates

आज का दिन : ज्योतिष की नज़र में

जानिए कैसा रहेगा आपका भविष्य

खबर : चर्चा में

1. माना की पीएम मोदी बहादुर हैं, पर प्रेस से क्यों दूर हैं?

2. कैशलेस पर भरोसा नहीं? लोगों के हाथ में रिकॉर्ड स्तर पर पहुंचा कैश

3. अमरनाथ यात्रा के लिए जम्मू-कश्मीर सरकार ने मांगे 22 हजार अतिरिक्त जवान

4. कीनिया को रौंदकर भारत ने हीरो इंटर कांटिनेंटल फुटबॉल कप जीता

5. SCO समिट- भारत समेत कई देशों के बीच महत्वपूर्ण एग्रीमेंट, PM मोदी ने दिया सुरक्षा मंत्र

6. ट्रंप से मुलाकात के लिए उत्तर कोरिया से चाइना होते हुए सिंगापुर पहुंचे किम जोंग

7. उच्च शिक्षा की गुणवत्ता को बेहतर बनाने यूजीसी बड़े बदलाव की तैयारी में

8. सुपर 30 का दबदबा कायम आईआईटी प्रवेश परीक्षा में 26 छात्र सफल

9. रेलवे बोर्ड चेयरमैन अश्विनी लोहानी, भोपाल से लोकसभा का चुनाव लड़ेंगे.?

10. क्या आप भी पूजा-पाठ करने के लिए स्टील के लोटे का करते हैं इस्तेमाल?पहले जान लें ये बात

11. काम में मन नहीं लगता तो यह करें उपाय


Disclaimer : इस न्यूज़ पोर्टल को बेहतर बनाने में सहायता करें और किसी खबर या अंश मे कोई गलती हो या सूचना / तथ्य में कोई कमी हो अथवा कोई कॉपीराइट आपत्ति हो तो वह पर सूचित करें। साथ ही साथ पूरी जानकारी तथ्य के साथ दें। जिससे आलेख को सही किया जा सके या हटाया जा सके ।